In 2009 I picked up a camera and ventured on the road to landscape photography,

it was through a difficult time in my life that led me on this path. At first it was a form of therapy and escapism from day to day rigours,  as the months past I grew to love this art of capturing moments in time. With an eagerness to learn and develop my skills i was going out most days perfecting composition and learning about light and it's effect on the landscape, i also read through articles in  magazines, internet and other professional landscape photographers work to further my knowledge. I'm always trying new techniques to further my education in photography,  I love using long exposures to give a surreal feel  through my images, many of the photographs I take involve long exposure photography, you just never know what's going to pop up on the back of your LCD screen, it's always a great surprise. I've entered a couple of competitions. Most recently through the YPU (Yorkshire Photographic Union) Which I won Landscape photograph of the year 2018 and highly commended in 4 other categories.  My goal is to get my images published and have a gallery to inspire people to pick up a camera not just for taking photographs but to embrace the whole journey as a form of peace and fulfilment that landscape photography embodies.  

Stuart Marsden Landscape Photographer North Yorkshie

The greatest feeling of capturing a beautiful sunrise after months or even years of trying, the early start, endless miles travelled that ended in disappointment at the location you chose that felt worthy of what you envisaged in your minds eye, to me there's no better feeling in the whole world. You've put the hours in and have been rewarded with something special that can never be repeated again, that to me is landscape photography in a nutshell. So as long as I'm lucky enough to be able to get out and explore wonderful places, I'm looking forward to seeking out many other opportunities that mother nature may throw at me and grasp them with both hands, those wonderful moments that will last a life time that you can look back on with pride and satisfaction. That's why I'm in love with landscape photography 

Stuart Marsden Lanscape Photographer North Yorkshire